The Word's First Foldable Electric Skateboard

Unlock the joy of effortless travel. Experience the world with Linky’s unique folding system,  carrying freedom in a backpack.


We used high strength plastic polymers, multiply wood and aluminum  to make the product the lightest on the market. 


Linky is equipped with a unique folding system in the world which allows it to be compacted and transported in a simple backpack. 


4 different riding modes carefully designed for an adrenaline-filled ride or a smooth cruising experience. 

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Linky is portable Fun

Reshape your commute with Linky. No more traffic, no more timetables, Linky is freedom in a backpack.

Light Yet Powerful

Crafted with automotive-grade materials and weighing just 6kg, The New Linky isn't just the lightest—it's also super powerful. Speed up to 36 KM/h, conquer 20% slopes with ease, and never let battery anxiety hit with 80% charge in just 30 minutes.


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Ultra-Light, Ultra-Free

Weighing just 6kg, our unique patented folding system transforms your ride into a compact form in seconds. Skate, fold, and go – effortlessly transition from thrilling rides to catching your next train. Adventure now fits in your backpack!

A New Stylish Yet Functional Remote

4 different riding modes, a Bluetooth 5.1 remote controller with a new ergonomic design, and an LCD screen. Set riding modes, switch on and off the LED light, and check the battery charge.

The New App: Empower Your Electric Skateboarding Experience

Powered by BLE 5.1, it delivers real-time customer support and effortless OTA firmaware updates, ensuring your ride is always at its best. Stay connected, stay updated, and take your electric skateboarding to new heights.

Customize Your Cruise

Tailor your journey with a choice of wheels, decks, and batteries. Transform Linky into your unique, one-of-a-kind electric skateboard. Your style, your ride, your way!

Our Vision and Values. 

Linky is designed, sourced, and assembled in Italy, creating positive impact on the local community. The structure is made with sustainable bio plastics, wood and with an attention to the maintenance and the upcycle of its more valuable components.

Locally sourced, assembled with care.

Low Carbon Footprint = easy maintenance + sustainable materials

Ride the Future with Linky 

More than just a skateboard. A movement towards sustainable, adventurous, and innovative urban mobility. 

Join us on this ride.